Uganda to construct $22.3 million vessel in January 2018

Good news was that the government will go on willingly to repair Mv Victoria and Liemba to make operations effective.

Lake Victoria is among the great lakes on the African continent. It is the greatest lake in Africa that has served as a long-time economic activity to the people around the region. It has generated revenue for East African countries sharing it, with a king’s share of possession to Tanzania and Uganda, and the small part into Kenya. There have been disputes as well but the natural resource has benefitted not only these countries but its impact has been felt far and beyond.

Another aspect is its tourism part. The Lake has drawn a pool of tourists from Africa and wide to see the source of River Nile. With the main fish harnessed in the water body being Tilapia, it has been a regular diet around the region.

Tanzania understands its importance in trade and industry. President John Pombe Magufuli has reassured the settlers around the lake region that plans are underway to build a ship on the lake beginning January 2018. The construction of the vessel will be handled by a South Korean firm yet to be notified.

The watercraft is believed to cost the government a mouth-watering $ 22.3 million with a carrying capacity of 1,200 passengers. The watercraft too will be able carry 400 tons of cargo when completed.

 The Premier has announced that the financial supply to make the project a success is guaranteed and all they await is for the company’s signature to take over the process. The government and the firm are to pen the deal later this year to publicly declare the onset of the construction from early 2018.

As he made the statement in Mwanza, the President officially led the country in unveiling the new pedestrian bridge at Furahisha area.

Premier John Magufuli has confirmed the arrival of the experts in the country to conduct a reconnaissance around the region of the multi-billion construction. The South Korean officials seem keen to take over the construction following the green light from the Parliament.

He further said that the government will repair Mv Victoria which ply on the Lake Victoria and Liemba which operates on Lake Tanganyika.

Good news was that the government will go on willingly to repair Mv Victoria and Liemba to make operations effective.

He added that Tanzania is working on improving the transport industry in the future for public gain and benefits. Industry and trade can only be affected positively with minimal congestion and better means of transport placed.

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