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Kenya in an ambitious 1 million low cost five year housing project

NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 9 – Kenya is set to kick off construction of houses in Nairobi’s outskirts in a bid to cater for the rising demand for houses.

Transport and Housing Cabinet Secretary James Macharia says the country will next month begin building  8,000 houses in Mavoko on a 55-acre piece of land as part of building 1 million houses within the next five years.

The country wants to build 200,000 units every year targeting the middle class.

“Apart from the piece of land in Mavoko, we are considering other locations where the government owns land so that we can build there too,” Macharia said in a press briefing Wednesday.

The ministry is also planning to set up 10,000 units to clear up slums in informal settlements part of its social housing mission.

Macharia said the social housing project will be fully executed by the national government – with the assistance of the National Treasury – while the 1 million house project will include private sector players’ participation.

“The social housing project will be executed within the slums. This is mainly because there is a vast majority of slum dwellers who want to remain within those locations. We are also considering the issue of lack of land. With proper utilization of technology, this is will be possible.”

The National Housing Corporation, a parastatal under the Ministry of Housing, will contribute 6,000 houses to this ambitious target across 8 counties over the next three years.


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