Rural areas poised for better life than urban regions with agriculture potential

A villager could be enjoying the benefits of a person living in the urban areas perhaps have a better life. According to a report, the luxurious life in town and vacation for employment in the township could cease in time to come. It is not obvious as per now how that can be achieved but the prospects seem to be in the embryonic stage.

Rural areas have been the subject of great potential as far as agriculture is concerned. There is great land too for settlement as well but limited with poor infrastructure. Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations report that rural areas hold the answer to reduce poverty in Uganda and other developing countries as well as improve economy.

Most rural people travel to town with assumptions that there are better opportunities than where they come from yet there is so much to make from where are exiting from. They are likely to end up jobless and homeless with the already population in the urban areas and high competition for job security. And others will need to look for employment elsewhere, leading to seasonal or permanent migration.

FAO report has given hopes to young people in rural areas that they need not to move for greener pastures in towns. Their labor will be highly required in the developing countries and with the potential not harnessed yet in the rural areas they should begin cultivating know-how techniques to take early advantage of the situation. Their contribution will be a tool to curb poverty in these areas and prepare land for great investments.

Majority of poor and hungry people are sitting on potential that could take them out of their circumstances. These areas can be cultivated for food production to fight hunger and offer opportunities to the jobless. Unlocking a number of global food production performances will be determined by how fast they can venture into this idea and see that the proceedings are set into action.

Rural areas can have a big harvest in terms of production, investment among other progress.

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