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Rwanda Development Board makes its debut in Asia’s Leading Travel Show

The government of Rwanda has expressed a great desire to strengthen the tourism sector in a bid to increase its revenues as well.

It was a delightful moment for Rwanda as its leading board made its significant debut in ITB Asia, which is Asia’s travel leading show. The latest one was hosted from 25th October to 27th October this year in Singapore.

During this time, the show celebrated its 10th birthday for ITB Asia, recorded in a statement. This has earmarked its significance in the tourism sector, a long time of prosperous service in the field. Such events have always brought investors together and pulled potential deals to better the service of tourism.

Rwanda Development Board was among the experts in the show held at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre in Singapore and had the privilege to showcase their tourism opportunities as well. In partnership with the High Commission of Rwanda, the East Africa nation exhibited the country’s attractions in the sector.

Rwanda’s presence opened even better opportunities for Asian investors that later showed interest in entering long-term relationships and deals towards the promotion of tourism in Rwanda.

Undoubtedly, the aim is to see the number of Asia tourists increase in the latter days as well as luring Australian tourists into the East Africa region. Rwanda will set its eyes into penetrating international markets as well spreading its wings to other competitive regions and gain access to fresh grounds of markets.

There were key speakers in the 3-day event that emphasized more on how to build relationships and expand the tourism reach globally. Such events bring investors and companies alike together to learn and share insights on the field.

The government of Rwanda has expressed a great desire to strengthen the tourism sector in a bid to increase its revenues as well. Through wildlife conservation and affordable fees to tourist attraction regions, there has been a steady rise of visitors in the country.

Rwanda boasts of a plethora of attraction sites that can be a great pull to lure investors and visitors as well. Its culture, wildlife and experiences can be the key pools to generate revenue with their perfect use.

By the end of the trip, RBD was able to establish a number of business contacts to market the nation and sell high-end packages for tourism. This will be a great sign to achieve greater heights in the tourism sector.

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