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Solar power to light up 70 million households and reach over 3000 MW in Africa by 2022

According to the IEA, off-grid capacity in Africa and Asia is set to reach “over 3000 MW in 2022

Following a survey that was conducted by the International Energy Agency (IEA), it has been revealed now that off-grid solar power popularity is slowly yet gradually increasing around the continent of Africa and Asia. It is believed this alternative source of energy will soon be lighting close to 70 million household across the two continents. Basic electricity services have been a challenge especially in rural areas but solar panels will be providing the answers soon.

The report as well reiterates and reaffirms that solar power is the fastest growing energy source in the world with a major impact on Sub-Saharan Africa. For a long period now, Africa countries have been deliberating on looking for sources of energy to curb with the issue of climatic change that is worsening on a daily basis.

The International Energy Agency’s 2017 report on renewables sees a potential boost in off-grid solar capacity in Africa, set to triple in the next five years. The robust growth and development will be enhanced by potential investors working in handy with governments to materialize the dreams to actuality.

Solar energy has been effective due to its availability and affordability. It is believed the amount from solar power increased by a mere 50% and has been the reason behind an increased energy output globally. Its rate has been faster than any other source of fuel. Solar energy has been of help in setting up industries in the rural areas and cutting cost for companies as they substitute fuel energy for the cheap solar power. As a result, industrialization has been catapulted to greater heights with a lot of promising performance on the way.

According to the IEA, off-grid capacity in Africa and Asia is set to reach “over 3000 MW in 2022. More importantly will be the role it plays in electricity to household where perhaps poor infrastructure has been the main worry for major developments.

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