Stanbic Bank Tanzania holds business talk with German officials

Other topics covered included infrastructure, education, technology among others that not only affect Tanzania but Africa as a whole.

Tanzania, November 9, 2017 – Tanzania continues its string s of runs with its aroma of inviting investors building trusts with greater investors from powerhouses. It has been evident with Tanzania’s Stanbic Bank recently held a business conference with close to 14 Germany companies that represented a number of sectors in the meeting. The meeting that took place in Dar es Salaam was geared to discuss fundamental factors affecting the banking sector and investment.

The German delegates had toured the sub-Saharan for three days, accepting the invite partnered between the two countries. The two have enjoyed great touch between the two and will be looking forward to tie loose ends for a better partnership.

The two had concrete discussions in how to take the major sectors to a notch higher. Business and investments were the focal points of discussions keeping in mind the competitive environment Tanzania has maintained over the years. The evidence can be seen on the number of investors coming into the country. Industries and companies have been set up due to the improved business climate in the country.

Other topics covered included infrastructure, education, technology among others that not only affect Tanzania but Africa as a whole.

The financial institution is looking to partner with businesses to improve their services as well as reach a wider market in their operations. The bank is foreseeing growth in the banking sector in conjunction with other businesses, promoting growth by taking advantage of the various platforms for opportunities to invest in. The bank targets not only Tanzania but the wider reach across the African continent.

The co-operation of the bank and the sectors will cut across a wide sphere of platforms to bolster the growth of the economies both in the country and Africa.

The bank’s team has indulged in in-depth research to understand the market widely and effectively to ensure they get the desired products and services for the market. The economies are dynamically changing and need an up to the game services to suit the needs. The developments also taking are taking in a quick shift which is good news to businesses and entrepreneurs with loopholes to fill in. It is believed according to a report by World Bank that Tanzania will be the fastest growing economy in Africa next year.

Stanbic will be on hold to offer the expertise needed in negotiation of financial complexities for the businesses. Concerning the cross-border dealings, the bank will be willing to help as well to provide a working environment to better economies.

The two countries will look to strengthen their trading relations as they seek to venture into the virgin lands of opportunities available between them. There are a lot of expectations between the two sides that will create momentum for the future. Both need to learn from each other to affect their trade.

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