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Taxify to rival Uber for Uganda’s capital market

The competition has stirred up as drivers are signing up to the franchise, equalling a competitive business in the taxi business.

Uganda, October 31st – Technology has made work easier and fired progress in all spheres. One notable area is transport. Talk of electric trains, which have seen decongestion eased and effective transport of people and goods enhanced. The cab-hire industry has experienced robust growth as well as their demand has gone quite high.

The competition is set to increase in East Africa where the increase for taxis has been prevalent. The business is flourishing in Kenya and Uganda as people have been able to access transport from their phones.

The newest company in the business is Taxify in the capital of Uganda. Many drivers are turning to this new company with benefits of having better pay to go home with unlike with the case of Uber, few months ago.

The competition has stirred up as drivers are signing up to the franchise, equalling a competitive business in the taxi business. Uber drivers had expressed their lamentation of taking home a handful of reward after hours of work and expressed their frustration to the company.

Customers had as well lamented on the hike of fares in the industry and had decided to look for better alternatives in the mode of transport. With this friction, the business had experienced ship wreck and is still reforming itself to get back on track despite loss of faith from their loyal customers.

Taxify is offering the drivers so much more. After hours of trips, the company only takes 15% of the commission from their signed up drivers. The deal is absolutely mouth-watering, as it is recorded to be 25% cheaper than what its fellow competitors cut.

The drivers now can enjoy better pay and have some money for investments and taking care of other personal needs after paying themselves for a well done job. A number of cars are likely to be purchased to accommodate the number of customers.

Taxify board has been set to create a team of happy drivers who will give quality services. They believe as long as the drivers are happy they will be able to give their best which will reflect on the increase of market, customers who inquire for their services.

The Estonian company believes it is respect that keeps drivers and giving them a tip to ensure they are loyal to the company and business. Offering better services for them as well to affect their working schedules positively, is an integral part of the company as well to make them comfortable.

With the company casting its net in Kampala, there is a large harvest keeping in mind the discounts they give to the travellers. The competition proves to be stiff but Taxify believes they have what it takes to remain competitive in the market.

They hope to help drivers make a sustainable income and give them an opportunity to better their lives. This opportunity will create job opportunities for a number of drivers that are yet to secure employment.

Road safety as well will be in check to ensure that no irregularities take place and that road rules are obeyed at all cost. The government will generate revenue from the business that can be ploughed back to the Ministry of Transport and develop it for a better future.

Investors will come in to fund such businesses while better innovations will come up to help the transport industry become more effective.

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